Regalia Refunds

Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech will accept unopened regalia for a refund from Spring 2020 graduates up until April 30, 2020 with their receipts.  Without a receipt refunds will need to be determined on a case-by-case basis and can only be for a store credit at the lowest selling price.   

If you did not pick up your pre-paid and online order regalia, email the bookstore at for a refund. 

Regalia Policy

Georgia Tech regalia is required to participate in Commencement. Bachelor students are permitted to wear stoles and cords to signify academic honors. Bachelor and master students may decorate their mortarboard so long as it is not distracting to the ceremony or students around them. 

Summer Graduates

Summer graduates participating in the fall ceremony may purchase their regalia while they remain on campus or during fall semester. Students always have the option to order online at as well if they are unable to come to campus. The regalia design will not be changing between now and fall semester.

Ph.D. Regalia

Ph.D. regalia is available for purchase or rental online through Techstuff.

Regalia is custom fitted for Ph.D. candidates, and graduates are encouraged to place their order early. Ph.D. candidates participating in Commencement will receive their hoods as a gift from the Institute. 

All Ph.D. orders must be placed and paid in full six weeks before the ceremony. All regalia orders can be made online at Ph.D. candidates may also place their orders during Grad Fest.

Ph.D. candidates have two options:

  • Purchase
    • Ph.D. regalia is available for purchase at the cost of $937 before tax.
    • Orders should be made with the bookstore by mid-semester.
  • Rental
    • Ph.D. regalia can also be rented for $181.98 before tax. This price includes the rental of the gown plus the purchase of your tam, as tams are not rented. 
    • Those who rent regalia will receive notification that their gown and tam have arrived at the bookstore. Graduates will then need to present either a photo identification or a copy of the original receipt in order to obtain their rented regalia.
    • All rentals must be returned within three days of the Commencement ceremony, or graduates will be obligated to pay the full price of the regalia.

Questions and Payment Options
If you have any questions about Ph.D. regalia orders or wish to discuss payment options, email Jimmy Vincent

Bachelor’s Regalia

Bachelor’s regalia is available for purchase in store at Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech or online via Tech Stuff

Bachelor’s regalia costs $79.98 before tax and includes your customized Georgia Tech gown and cap. Students will not be permitted to wear former Georgia Tech regalia (plain black robes) at the ceremony. Caps and gowns can be purchased up until the week of Commencement.

Master’s Regalia

Master’s regalia is available for purchase in store at Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech, or you may purchase online via Tech Stuff. When you place your order, indicate the degree you are receiving, as that will determine your hood color.

Master’s regalia costs $114.98 before tax and includes your customized Georgia Tech gown, cap, and hood. Students will not be permitted to wear undergraduate gowns, as master’s gowns have additional material at the base of the sleeve. Regalia can be purchased up until the week of Commencement.

Honor Cords and Stoles

Georgia Tech will provide honor cords for students based on their previous semester’s grades. The Registrar's Office will distribute honor cords the week prior to Commencement. Eligible students will receive an email with pick up instructions.


How honors are determined

Email the Registrar’s Office

Other Honors Accessories

Graduates are permitted to wear additional items if given by officially sanctioned Georgia Tech honor societies or student organizations. You are responsible for obtaining from the student organization any honors accessories to which you are entitled.

Summer Students

Summer graduates who return to walk in fall commencement may pick up their cords the week prior to the ceremony or at the venue the day of the ceremony. Summer students who elect to walk a semester early in spring commencement are not eligible to receive honor cords.