Regalia Policy

Georgia Tech regalia is required to participate in Commencement. Bachelor's students are permitted to wear stoles and cords to signify academic honors. Bachelor's and Master's students may decorate their mortarboard as long as it is not distracting to the ceremony or the students around them. 

Not on campus?

Students can order online at if they are not on campus. 

Ph.D. Regalia

Ph.D. regalia is available for purchase or rental online through Techstuff.

Regalia is custom fitted for Ph.D. candidates, and graduates are encouraged to place their order early. Ph.D. candidates participating in Commencement will receive their hoods as a gift from the Institute. 

Students who will not be attending the ceremony may request to have their hood mailed to them. 
Request your Ph.D. hood

All regalia orders can be made online at this custom Oak Hall website. Ph.D. candidates may also place their orders during Grad Fest.

If you were not able to receive your Ph.D. hood, you can arrange to pick it up at the French Building or have it mailed to you. Please email Kristen Thomas at to arrange how you will like to receive your Ph.D. hood.

Ph.D. candidates have two options:

  • Purchase
    • Ph.D. regalia is available for purchase at the cost of $937 before tax.
    • Orders must be made by Friday, March 26 on
    • Late Ph.D. regalia purchase orders will not be accepted.
  • Rental
    • Ph.D. regalia can be rented with a $74.98 fee and a refundable $400 deposit. 
    • A tam will have to be purchased for a fee of $111.
    • Doctoral students must rent their gown by Friday, April 16. 
    • Ph.D. regalia rentals will be sent directly to the student's residence from Oak Hall.
    • All rentals must be returned by the date specified at checkout, or graduates will forfeit their $400 refundable deposit.
    • Late Ph.D. rentals will be subject to a $200 rush and handling fee. Contact for any late Ph.D. rental orders. 

Questions and Payment Options
If you have any questions about Ph.D. regalia orders or wish to discuss payment options, contact Oak Hall at

Bachelor’s Regalia

Bachelor’s regalia is available for purchase in store at Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech or online via Tech Stuff

Bachelor’s regalia costs $79.98 before tax and includes your customized Georgia Tech gown and cap. Students are required to wear Georgia Tech regalia that features the seal image. Plain black robes are not permitted. Caps and gowns can be purchased up until the week of Commencement.

Master’s Regalia

Master’s regalia is available for purchase in store at Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech, or you may purchase online via Tech Stuff. When you place your order, indicate the degree you are receiving, as that will determine your hood color.

Master’s regalia costs $114.98 before tax and includes your customized Georgia Tech gown, cap, and hood. Students will not be permitted to wear undergraduate gowns, as Master’s gowns have additional material at the base of the sleeve. Regalia can be purchased up until the week of Commencement.

Honor Cords Distribution

Honor cords will be distributed at the end of spring semester. Students can pick up their honor cords either (1) at their Commencement ceremony or (2) during regular business hours at the Registrar's Office, located inside Tech Tower, during the week of May 2 - May 6.  

How honors are determined

Cord and Stole Policy

Student organizations or Institute-approved programs interested in requesting a cord or stole must submit an application to the Office of the Provost through the Office of the Registrar.  Please see the Institute Commencement Regalia policy if you are interested.

Other Honors Accessories

Graduates are permitted to wear additional items if given by officially sanctioned Georgia Tech honor societies or student organizations. You are responsible for obtaining from the student organization any honors accessories to which you are entitled.