Accessibility and Special Needs

Where is ADA seating located? Can my guests be on the floor?

ADA seating is at the top of Sections 100 through 111 and in Section 115. All of our ADA seating is located on concourse level, looking down on the stage. We are unable to accomodate any guests with wheelchairs on the floor.

Are wheelchairs available at the venue?

No, unfortunately we do not have any at the venue. Please read our Accessibility and Special Needs page for suggestions on how to rent one from a thrid-party vendor.

Is there a limit for ADA seats for each party?

We do not enforce a strict limit, as we recognize different families have different needs. Each ADA request will receive one companion seat. However, we ask that guests do not request more than they need to help us accommodate as many people as possible. Companions may be relocated within the ADA section to help us accommodate ADA patrons. 

I already know I have a guest requiring special seating. Can I reserve a seat for them now?

Guests may only request access at McCamish Pavilion inside the concourse. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Does the person requiring the handicap seat need to be the one to request it?

No, anyone from the party may request on his or her behalf. For our bachelor's ceremony, guests will receive two blue tickets: one for the handicap patron plus one companion. These tickets are not additional tickets and will not grant entry. No ticket exchange is required to access the ADA section for our Ph.D. or master's ceremony. 

I would like all of my guests to be seated together. Can this be arranged?

Our staff will work with guests to try to ensure families are seated in the same section, but most guests will not be able to sit on the same row. Due to high demand, ADA seats will only be given to the family member in need and one companion seat. We encourage guests to arrive early to find seating near each other.

Can I choose which section my guest is assigned to?

Seats are unassigned, but we will request that patrons without a wheelchair use seating in sections 106 and 104.

Are ADA seats in addition to my allotted tickets?

No, these are not additional tickets for students. These blue ticket do not have a bar code and will not grant entry into the venue. You will still have to present your white ticket to enter. 

Tickets are not required for the Ph.D. or master's ceremony.

My guests are arriving at different times for the ceremony. What should I do?

When your first guests arrive, have them speak with Guest Services at McCamish Pavilion about the situation. They will be able to provide the most accurate advice and assistance based on your guest’s needs and expected arrival time.