Spring 2021 Ticketing Policy

All spring ceremonies will be ticketed. Students who submitted an RSVP during the designated RSVP period will be issued five guest tickets. 

  • This is a reserved seating event. Students will select their seating zone during our ticket distribution period. 
  • Children under the age of two who can sit on a parent's lap for the ceremony do not need a ticket.
  • Students should not exchange tickets to help maintain physically distanced seating clusters. 
  • Tickets are only valid for their listed ceremony; e.g. Friday ceremony tickets cannot be used for the Saturday ceremony.
  • Late RSVPs will receive a reduced amount of tickets.
  • Students may not register to attend to receive tickets on behalf of another student. 

The Spring 2021 ceremony is a rain or shine event.

RSVP to Commencement

RSVPs for Spring 2021 Commencement will open February 22, 2021. An RSVP is required to participate. 

Additional Tickets

We will not be distributing any additional tickets for our Spring 2021 ceremonies. Students are asked to not exchange tickets to help us keep physically distanced seating clusters.

Other Ceremony Viewing Options

All our ceremonies will be live streamed for guests to watch you walk across the stage.

Student Seating Charts

Seating charts for our ceremonies will be posted prior to ticket distribution.

For more information on our ceremony procedures, view our venue information page

Ceremony Ticket Distribution

Ticket Distribution

All ticketing for the 2021 ceremony will be mobile tickets. After students select their seats, they will receive an email with a link to receive their ticket. 

View a tutorial on how to access your tickets.

Reservations begin April 5

To enhance crowd safety, the Spring 2021 ceremony will be reserved seating. Students will be able to select a seating zone on a first-come, first-served basis and will be assigned one five-seat cluster within their selected zone.  After a student selects their zone, they will receive their tickets via email. 

Zone selection begins on Monday, April 5. 

How To Select Your Seats 

If you have previously registered for student football tickets, you can log in with your account credentials. If you have not, you will have to create an account using your GT ID number.  

Once logged in, you will see the available zones for your ceremony. Students will only be able to select a seating zone and cannot select an individual seat. Proceed to check-out to complete the process and have your tickets emailed to you.  

Seating Policies

  • We are unable to accommodate split seating or adjust the number of seats in a cluster. Ticket exchange is discouraged to avoid guests sitting with someone outside their household. 
  • Students must make their selection by Friday, April 30. Students who do not make a seat selection will have one assigned to them.  
  • Seats will have an assigned entry gate. ADA guests may also enter at Gate 6.

ADA Seat Selection

For guests who require ADA seating but will not be in a wheelchair, please select the ADA zone. Our ADA seating is located throughout the stadium. Tickets will be clustered together and will require no more than two stairs to access your seats.  

For guests who are in a wheelchair, contact the Athletics Ticketing Office at 404.894.3337 by Dec. 9, 2020 to make your seat selection. 

Receiving Your Tickets

Your tickets will be emailed to you after you complete the zone selection process. You will receive a link to save your tickets to your Apple or G Pay wallet on your phone. All tickets are mobile delivery. Guests will have to present their ticket on their mobile device for scanning at event entry.  DO NOT PRINT THE TICKETS.  

You must save your tickets to your Apple or G Pay wallet to activate them for scanning at the gate.  If you do not save your ticket to your digital wallet, you will have issues validating your ticket at the gate.                                                                   

Ticketing FAQs

Am I able to change my selected seats?

No, once you select your zone we are unable to make any adjustments.  

I’m a season ticket holder for football. Can I use those seats for the ceremony?

No, we will have different seating layout for this event. Students will have to select their seats for this event.  

I need ADA seats for my family. How do I request that?

If your family member required ADA and is not in a wheelchair, please select the ADA ticket zone. If a guest is in a wheelchair, contact the Ticket Office to arrange for seat selection.  

Can I request two seating clusters for my five tickets?

No, in order to have enough seats available we are unable to provide multiple clusters to one student.  

I received an extra ticket from a friend. Can my guests can sit together?

No, we are unable to make any adjustment to our seating map. Students were asked to not exchange tickets to help us maintain a physically distanced seating arrangement for the ceremony.  

Can I have someone else reserve seats for me?

To access the semester, a student must log in with their GTID and create an account. We are unable to transfer your account control to another individual.  

My login information is not working. Can you assist?

Please contact the Ticketing Office at events@comm.gatech.edu or by phone at 404.894.3337.

I didn’t know I had to select seats and it’s past the deadline. Do I still have tickets?

Students who do not select a seat by Thursday, Dec. 10, will be randomly assigned a seat and emailed tickets. Our ceremony will be visible from all seats and shown on the jumbotron to give everyone attending the best view possible.