Summer Graduate Information

Summer 2023 Candidates

Students graduating in Summer 2023 are invited to participate in the Fall 2023 Commencement. Students can register an email address here with the Commencement Office during summer semester to receive information after graduation.  

Fall 2023 Commencement

Fall 2023 Commencement is scheduled to take place in December. Students who registered an email address over the summer will receive an email in September with RSVP dates, ticket allotments, and confirmed ceremony times.

Summer Graduate FAQs

Why do you need my email address?

We recognize that not all students will continue to check their Georgia Tech email address after graduation. To ensure we have accurate contact information, we ask that interested students register their preferred email address with the Commencement Office. All information about the ceremony will be sent via email. 

If I participate in email forwarding for life, do I still need to register my email?

Yes. We will only send fall Commencement information to registered email addresses so we do not spam students who know they will not be participating. 

Do I have to use my Georgia Tech email address?

No. Students may use a personal email address if they choose.

What if I don't know if I will be able to participate in Fall Commencement?

We suggest that students who are uncertain about their participation still register with the Commencement Office to ensure they receive information. Students who do not complete the form will be opted-out of Fall Commencement information emails.

How will I sign up for Fall Commencement?

Summer graduates who complete the email registration form will receive communications from our office in early September with RSVP dates and information. 

Will I still receive my diploma?

Yes. The Institute will continue to award degrees for spring, summer, and fall semesters. The only difference is that Georgia Tech will produce its commencement ceremony following spring and fall semesters.

Active summer degree candidates who complete all the necessary requirements to graduate during the summer term will receive their diplomas six to eight weeks after the term’s completion.

I would prefer to participate in a different ceremony. Can I do that?

Please review our policies for early and late walks at the time of your graduation. Summer students with two classes or fewer remaining and good academic standing can apply to walk a semester early. Late walks are approved on a case-by-case basis. 

Will my name appear in the fall Commencement program?

Yes. Summer graduates will be listed in the respective fall Commencement program, with a special symbol denoting their summer graduation status. 
Students may request for the Commencement Office to mail them a copy of the fall program by emailing us at

I am moving out of state after graduation. How will I purchase my regalia?

Graduate may either purchase while they are on campus in the summer or order online through the Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech and have their regalia shipped to them.